The UNC Center for Community Capital is the leading center for research and policy analysis on the transformative power of financial capital on households and communities in the United States.

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FinLab Report Featured by the Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Center for Community Capital’s evaluation of the Financial Solutions Lab, or FinLab, a report produced in partnership with the Center for Financial Services Innovation, was the subject of a piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on February 9, 2017. … Continued

UNC Center for Community Capital receives $1 million investment from JPMorgan Chase to increase financial health in under-resourced communities

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s UNC Center for Community Capital has received a $1.05 million grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to develop innovative strategies and solutions that help under-resourced communities become more vibrant and economically inclusive … Continued

Research Update: Latino housing faces barriers, represents major untapped market, new study shows

North Carolina’s 800,000 Latinos represent the fastest-growing segment of the population and a significant potential market for the housing industry, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill report in a new study. But a range of obstacles … Continued

MAGIC Mojo: Leveraging Impulsivity to Encourage Saving

Nearly all consumers make occasional impulse purchases and, generally speaking, enjoy doing so. While saving money may also be enjoyable, that enjoyment may be delayed, often far into the future, when savings are needed or used. Developers of a pilot … Continued

Recent Publications

A Place Called Home: The Social Dimensions of Homeownership

A Place Called Home argues that homeownership is not only important for financial reasons, but also functions as a social tool that can improve the lives of low- and moderate-income people.

First-Time Homebuying: Attitudes and Behaviors of Low-Income Renters Through the Financial Crisis

Mark Lindblad, Hye-Sung Han, Siyun Yu, and William M. Rohe use psychological theory to investigate how attitudes toward homebuying relate to first-time home purchases over the past decade.

Evaluation of the Center for Financial Solutions Innovation’s Financial Solutions Lab

The center’s evaluation of the CFSI’s Financial Solutions Lab, a five-year initiative managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) with founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co., offers key insights on how financial technology can influence low- and moderate-income consumer financial health.

The Potential for Savings Accounts to Protect Young-Adult Households from Unsecured Debt in Periods of Macroeconomic Stability and Decline

This article tests the association between a savings account and debt in the lives of American young adults during periods of macroeconomic stability and decline and finds that a savings account may help young adults invest in their debt by entering better, healthier credit markets and avoiding riskier ones, especially during bad economic times.

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