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Interactive maps showing North Carolina housing and mortgage lending data and conditions by county are available online, updated through 2011 with the latest release of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data.

The UNC Center for Community Capital’s Housing and Mortgage Lending Data website contains information on mortgage foreclosures and related economic data in all 100 North Carolina counties, much of it available from 2000 to the present.

The latest update includes the share of purchase mortgage applications denied by lenders, the higher-priced share of all originations and the non-owner occupant share of purchase originations in 2011.

Other maps available on the website include the level of construction, foreclosure, vacancy, bankruptcy and unemployment. In addition, interactive charts of house prices, foreclosure, vacancy and unemployment are periodically updated for seven North Carolina metropolitan areas and statewide.

For more information, contact Kevin Park, center research associate and Ph.D. student who developed and maintains the website at (919) 843.2140 or

Topics(s): Affordable Homeownership, Default, Bankruptcy, & Foreclosure, Mortgage Finance
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