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UNC Center for Community Capital senior research associated Lucy S.  Gorham will speak on tax-time savings initiatives under way across the United  States at a national forum Friday in Durham, N.C.

Reinvestment Partners will host the Forum on Savings Initiatives in Tax Season following a press conference announcing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new Ready, Set, Save Initiative.

Gorham joins a panel discussion with representatives from the CFPB,  Reinvestment Partners and other university researchers discussing strategies  for educating low-income taxpayers about tax-time programs that help them save.

She serves on the center’s asset-building team, conducting research and  analysis to understand what products, services and public policies hold promise  for increasing the economic stability and upward mobility of low- and  moderate-wealth families and communities.

Asset-building is a key area of study for  the UNC Center for Community Capital, the leading center for research and  policy analysis on the transformative power of capital on households and  communities in the United States. The center is part of the College of Arts and  Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its in-depth  analyses help policymakers, advocates and the private sector find sustainable  ways to expand economic opportunity to more people, more effectively. For more  information, visit or  call (919) 843-2140.

Topics(s): Consumer Protections, Debt & Credit, Financial Inclusion, Financial Services Industry, Savings & Asset-Building
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