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Durham, N.C.  – UNC Center for Community Capital researchers and colleagues from the UNC School of Social Work this week presented research findings and results of demonstration projects that shed light on ways to help low- and moderate-income Americans build wealth.

The UNC researchers were featured speakers at Pathways to Prosperity: Regional Financial Education and Asset Building Conference, which focused on shaping the critical role of savings and asset accumulation in the new economy.

Center research fellow Michal Grinstein-Weiss, associate professor at the UNC School of Social Work, spoke on “Assets and Human Capital: Can Matched Savings Accounts Impact Education Outcomes.”

Center research associate Kim Manturuk and colleague Clinton Key, research associate with UNC’s Assets Building Research Group, spoke on “Tax Time Savings: Lessons from $ave NYC.”

Center research director Mark Lindblad and graduate research assistants Kevin Park and Ling Wang spoke on “Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and the Protection of Assets in North Carolina.”

Wealth building and consumer financial services are key areas of study for the UNC Center for Community Capital, the leading center for research and policy analysis on the transformative power of capital on households and communities in the United States. The center is part of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its in-depth analyses help policymakers, advocates and the private sector find sustainable ways to expand economic opportunity to more people, more effectively. For more information, visit or call (919) 843-2140.

Topics(s): Financial Inclusion, Savings & Asset-Building
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