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One of the best things about getting involved with the Center for Community Capital as a student is being able to make connections with experts in the field. Last week, our CCC Fellows received a visit from a panel of professionals, including Lucy Gorham, Robin Howarth, Antoine Marshall, Mark McDaniel, and Rachel Eberhard. In dialogue with the students and each other, the panelists shared advice with our students on how to excel in their careers.

Our Favorite Quotes of the Night

On always keeping the larger plan in mind:

“My long-term goal has served as my ‘true north’ in planning my career trajectory. Whenever I come to a crossroads or I am presented an opportunity, I weigh all potential options by asking whether or not this will get me closer to my goal. A decade ago I decided that I wanted to serve in public elected office, and I have shaped my career choices around what would not only get me in the door to do so, but would give me the breadth of experience to excel once I got there.”

Antoine Marshall, Attorney at Law

 On the lasting benefits of networking:

“Relationships in both the social and professional world are important. I have been lucky enough to have more than one job option and pre-existing relationships with many of those organizations. Cultivating your social networks is crucial in your professional career, whether it is people that are in your immediate social network or those in which you have more indirect ties. Often times it is those ties that might come through for you professional. So above being a hard-worker in the office, handwritten notes, grabbing coffee together and then following up with thank you emails are ways to stay on the radar screen of influential individuals…” 

Mark McDaniel, UNC Center for Community Capital

On making the most of every opportunity:

“As you feel constrained by family or geography or whatever, be open to thinking outside the box. When I went into the private sector it was because that’s where some of my personal constraints led me, and there were definitely benefits to having that experience. All along the way you’re going to have to weave your life and career together.”

Robin Howarth, Center for Responsible Lending

On how work affects family life:

“Our society is still a long way from fully supporting families to balance their work with family and community responsibilities. When you’re interviewing for a job, ask about things like parental leave and family leave. Employers need to know that these benefits are valuable to us all and to both men and women.”

Lucy Gorham, former Executive Director of the UNC Center for Community Capital

On explaining an atypical resume:

“It can be difficult to explain a diversity of experiences. But every decision you made had a reason – weave together that story. It’s undoubtedly compelling.”

Rachel Eberhard, Enterprise Community Investment

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