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Renting to Owning: An Exploration of the Theory of Planned Behavior in the Homeownership Domain

November 18, 2009

Low- and moderate-income renters who intend to own a home are more likely to purchase a home during the following year than renters who do not intend to own a home. This finding is encouraging because it suggests that strong intentions can help people achieve their goals, even when their goals are difficult to attain and require long-term planning and financial capacity.

Homeownership and Local Voting in Disadvantaged Urban Neighborhoods

July 1, 2009

Research shows that homeowners in disadvantaged neighborhoods are more likely to vote than renters as well as owners in other areas. The findings suggest that responsible homeownership in such areas promotes local political involvement among lower-income residents.

Performance Measurement in Local Economic Development

March 29, 2006

Researchers identify factors that affect performance measurement in local economic development and compare the impact of structural determinants to local community choices. Despite the trend toward accountability in the public sector, little inferential research exists on the use of accountability … Continued