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The Community Reinvestment Act: Outstanding, and Needs to Improve

February 1, 2009

Researchers offer evidence that Community Reinvestment Act lending can be undertaken in a safe, sound and profitable manner, and examine the aspects of the incentive mechanisms of the CRA to determine which work well and which should be adjusted to strengthen the act’s effectiveness.

Payday Lending

December 1, 2007

Michael Stegman examines the impact of and policy issues arising from the proliferation of payday lenders, who charge 400-1000 percent APR for short-term loans.

Private Equity/Public Returns: A Case Study

June 30, 2006

Center researchers document the social outcomes of Banc of America’s Capital Access Funds, which channel private equity to under-served markets. Banc of America Capital Access Funds (BACAF) is a fund of funds channeling private equity capital to underserved markets. BACAF … Continued