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The Role of Technology in Serving the Unbanked

December 10, 2004

Center researchers examine whether banks are using ATM technology to expand services that bring unbanked individuals into the financial mainstream. With the capital cost of a new ATM machine about one-fiftieth that of a typical bank branch and the average … Read more

The Earned Income Tax Credit as an Instrument of Housing Policy

January 1, 2004

The positive effects of the EITC are often overlooked because housing policy calculates affordability on a before-tax basis. This article examines the EITC’s effect on housing cost burdens and analyzes and contrasts three proposals to increase its effectiveness as a … Read more

Assessing the Impact of North Carolina’s Predatory Lending Law

January 1, 2004

North Carolina’s Predatory Lending Law is doing what it was intended to do: eliminate abusive loans without restricting the supply of subprime mortgage capital for borrowers with blemished credit records. This article examines changes in subprime mortgage originations before and … Read more