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Predictive Analytics for Reducing Student Loan Default

August 10, 2020

Student loan default is largely a symptom of institutional, student, and socioeconomic factors that interact and reinforce each other as students pass through the educational system. Thus, the problem of student loan default is unlikely to be solved at the … Read more

Bridging the Gap to Scalable Community Reinvestment Lending Programs

August 23, 2017

This article, written for a special “The CRA Turns 40” symposium in Cityscape uses lessons learned from the Community Advantage Program Study to provide insight into how the challenges associated with special community reinvestment lending might potentially be managed on a larger … Read more

Mortgage Choice, House Price Externalities, and the Default Rate

December 4, 2014

The authors present three major findings: that the menu of mortgage contracts offered by lenders influences the default rate, that the default-rate-minimizing mortgage menu depends on house price externalities, and that the equilibrium menu and the default-rate-minimizing menu mostly coincide.