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Ratcliffe proposes housing finance reforms to Senate banking committee

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A stable mix of public and privately administered credit insurance is needed to ensure the future of housing and economic opportunity, UNC Center for Community Capital executive director Janneke Ratcliffe told members of the Senate banking committee today.


Low-income taxpayers choose saving over spending when offered an incentive

Consumer Protections, Debt & Credit, Financial Inclusion, Savings & Asset-Building

Saving is a critical first step on the path to financial security. But many low-income families find it challenging to choose saving for the future over meeting pressing spending needs today. Results from a study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill of one asset-building program offer insights on how to encourage low-income taxpayers to start saving and keep it up.


Ratcliffe moderates national Home for Good panel discussion on the housing crisis

Affordable Homeownership, Mortgage Finance

Washington, D.C.  – UNC Center for Community Capital Executive Director Janneke moderated a panel of housing experts and advocates Aug. 15 examining the fallout from the five-year-old housing crisis and calling on presidential candidates to lay out their strategies for addressing the housing crisis. The housing crisis has cost millions of Americans their homes, erased trillions of dollars in household wealth and remains one of the biggest drains on the … Read more


Riley speaks on challenges of linking mortgage data at HUD, Urban Institute forum

Affordable Homeownership, Mortgage Finance, Other, Research Design

Washington, D.C.  – UNC Center for Community Capital researcher Sarah Riley today (Aug. 22) joins a national panel of housing finance researchers hosted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and The Urban Institute to inform the creation of a proposed national mortgage database that could strengthen research on mortgage market trends and how borrowers access credit. Riley, the center’s senior research economist, will speak on “Challenges with … Read more


Center evaluates community impact of Habitat revitalization projects in seven U.S. locations

Affordable Homeownership, Mortgage Finance

Habitat for Humanity International has teamed with the UNC Center for Community Capital to evaluate the impact of the nonprofit developer’s revitalization of seven U.S. communities through the federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program.


UNC Center for Community Capital to study innovative Latino banking initiative

Consumer Protections, Financial Inclusion, Financial Services Industry, Savings & Asset-Building

The UNC Center for Community Capital is conducting a three-year study of the impact of a path-breaking initiative to help underserved Latino consumers build savings and creditworthiness. Effective Money Management/Manejo de Efectivo is a partnership project of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Bank of America Corp. and four community nonprofits that delivers basic banking services and products to underserved Latino households while connecting them with a personal financial … Read more


Center’s Piggymojo research examines impulse savings strategy

Financial Inclusion, Financial Services Industry, Savings & Asset-Building

Experts at the UNC Center for Community Capital are conducting research to determine whether “impulse savings” – transferring money from a transaction account to a savings account via text message – is an effective way for underbanked people to build savings. Researchers will examine the experience of people who use MAGIC Mojo, a project of Piggymojo, a pioneer in impulse savings, and Magic Johnson’s MAGIC. MAGIC Mojo links a savings … Read more


Gorham challenges national audience to help more Americans gain economic stability

Financial Capability, Financial Inclusion, Financial Services Industry, Savings & Asset-Building

UNC Center for Community Capital senior research associate Lucy Gorham challenged a national audience Sept. 21 to take action to ensure U.S. policies and financial industry practices enable all American families to access economic opportunity and build financial security. “We are at the core of that sacred effort to transform this country into its best self… The sacred effort that not only steadies the ladder of opportunity but also tests … Read more


Lucy Gorham joins UNC Center for Community Capital asset-building team

The UNC Center for Community Capital has named Lucy S. Gorham senior research associate for asset-building programs and policy. She will conduct research and analysis to understand what products, services and public policies hold promise for increasing the economic stability and upward mobility of low- and moderate-wealth families and communities. “Lucy brings the perfect blend of academic, policy and practical experience to the center’s work of developing sound policies and … Read more


Ratcliffe speaks on homeownership at national foundation leaders conference

Affordable Homeownership, Impacts of Homeownership

Charleston, S.C. – UNC Center for Community Capital Executive Director Janneke Ratcliffe today (Nov. 8) joined a panel of experts speaking on the future of homeownership at an annual conference of foundation leaders. “Homeownership – done right – is alive and well in the South as a way for families to build economic security,” Ratcliffe told conferees at the Southeastern Council of Foundations 2012 annual meeting, “ACT: Anticipate Challenge Transform.” … Read more