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Sandra Williams

February 22, 2019

Sandra is a third year PhD candidate in quantitative psychology, where she specializes in longitudinal behavioral and biological data and methods for combining data from multiple datasets. At CCC, she examines consumer choice in the financing market for manufactured housing.

Jay Dennis

February 11, 2019

Jay is a sixth year PhD student in the Economics Department at UNC with research interests in Econometrics, including Time Series, Financial, and Computational Econometrics. At CCC, he examines consumer choice in the financing market for manufactured housing. More information … Read more

Eileen Harvey

February 11, 2019

Eileen Harvey is a Research & Program Coordinator and is the newest member of the CCC team. At the Center, Eileen is on the research team for our projects on student loan debt and on financial coaching. Additionally, Eileen is … Read more

Mathieu Despard

October 5, 2017

Mathieu Despard, MSW, Ph.D, is the Executive Director of the UNC Center for Community Capital. Before joining the CCC team, Dr. Despard served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work, where he conducted research on … Read more

Mark McDaniel

March 20, 2017

Mark McDaniel is senior research associate with the UNC Center for Community Capital. He consults with foundations, policymakers and others on strategies that help connect low-income populations to economic opportunities. These strategies include connecting neighborhoods to regional workforce opportunities, connecting the unbanked and underbanked to financial services and leveraging investment in low-income areas for housing, community facilities and other economic development opportunities.

Mark Lindblad

March 20, 2017

Mark Lindblad’s work connects the psychological, social and legal factors that influence consumer financial decision making. His research examines how financially constrained households manage debt. He is a co-author of A Place Called Home: The Social Dimensions of Homeownership (with Kim Manturuk and Mark Lindblad), which is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Dr. Lindblad earned his M.S. and Ph.D from North Carolina State University in Psychology.

Julia Barnard

March 20, 2017

Julia is a new addition to the Center for Community Capital team, and has worked as an editor for the forthcoming book, A Place Called Home: The Social Dimensions of Homeownership, which will be published in 2017 by Oxford University Press. Her research focuses on economic mobility, student debt, and the role of housing as a platform for social services. She is also the Coordinator for the Center’s student programming, including the Graduate Student Fellowship, the Graduate Research Program, and the Undergraduate Communications Internship.

Lucy Gorham

March 20, 2017

Lucy Gorham served as the executive director of the UNC Center for Community Capital from 2012-2017. Her work focused on economic mobility and inequality, financial inclusion and access to high quality financial products and services for the underserved, affordable housing, and the importance of access to key asset-building opportunities across the lifespan such as homeownership, higher education, and retirement savings.