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Publication Date

May 1999


Michael A. Stegman


North Carolina Bankers Association and North Carolina Credit Union Network

A guide to low-cost checking, savings and other account services available at banks and credit unions in North Carolina.

This guide, prepared with the support of the North Carolina Bankers Association and the North Carolina Credit Union Network, is intended for use of the citizens of North Carolina, especially those with lower incomes and those without financial services.

It was conceived in response to the federal government’s transition to the delivery of public benefits, which has tremendous implications for consumers and the financial services industry. It is our believe that the revolution in banking technology facilitating this transition provides an opportunity for financial institutions to expand their market reach, and for “unbanked” consumers to join the financial mainstream.

The contents of the guide were derived from surveys completed by 51 banks and 20 credit unions providing services in North Carolina regarding the checking, savings and other low-cost account services they offer. We identify for each financial institution a list of the counties in which their low-cost products are available.

Topics(s): Financial Inclusion, Financial Services Industry