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Publication Date

January 2009


Jess Dorrance, Lucy Gorham


Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, C.S. Mott Foundation, N.C. Council on Developmental Disabilities, CFED

Center experts provide research and policy analysis support for a N.C. Assets Alliance report outlining a vision for building a statewide “prosperity grid” that creates jobs and helps all residents build financial security.

A two-year effort by the North Carolina Assets Alliance, formed in 2006, sets forth a vision for the state to build a prosperity grid that can create good jobs, provide opportunities to create and build savings and protect assets.

The alliance recommends that policymakers:

  • Strengthen connections to work and income—providing a living income standard, benefits and work supports makes it possible for households to set aside money to save and build assets.
  • Generate savings and assets—saving, investing and building assets over time are facilitated by government, supported by private institutions—financial institutions and employers—and engage all North Carolinians.
  • Protect prosperity—Protecting accumulated savings and assets ensures connections to prosperity can continue to flourish.

Topics(s): Consumer Protections, Financial Capability, Financial Inclusion, Savings & Asset-Building