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Publication Date

September 2004


Bill Yeager, Brian Burke, Don Akin, Gretchen Buczkowski, Jennifer Wallin, Kathleen A Considine, Kim Gadsden-Knowles, Laura Flicker


Ford Foundation

Design, instrumentation, data collection methods, case management system and project management for Community Advantage Program Study owner and renter interviews.

The Accumulation of Wealth and Social Capital among Low-Income Renters (AWSC-R) is a longitudinal panel study that follows renters for five years. The study sample is designed to be a control group for the Community Advantage Panel Survey (CAPS), an ongoing study of the accumulation of wealth and social capital among low- to moderate-income new homeowners.

The purpose of AWSC-R is to assess how being a renter affects families socially and economically and determine how renters differ from homeowners who live in the same areas. To this end, the Center for Community Capitalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CCC) contracted with RTI International to conduct the data collection for AWSC-R.

This report details the design, instrumentation, tracing plan, data collection methods, case management system, and project management, for the baseline telephone survey conducted in Year 1 of the AWSC-R study.

Topics(s): Community Advantage Program, Mortgage Finance, Research Design