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Publication Date

February 2013


Mark R. Lindblad, Qing Feng, Roberto G. Quercia, Sarah Riley


Ford Foundation


We provide an update of the Community Advantage Panel Survey (CAPS) data collection activities that occurred in 2012 and describe our data collection plans for 2013.

We first summarize the CAPS data collection progress and then consider upcoming survey plans, attrition concerns, and the extent to which 2012 survey completers are representative of baseline respondents and other Self-Help Community Advantage Program (CAP) borrowers.

We find that males continue to be the most likely to attrit from the survey. Furthermore, for the owners sample, we find that this effect is most pronounced among men who were older than 31 and had never been married at baseline.

Race remains a significant predictor of attrition for the renters sample, with Hispanics significantly less likely to respond, but race is no longer a significant predictor of attrition for the owners sample.

Topics(s): Affordable Homeownership, Community Advantage Program, Mortgage Finance, Other