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Publication Date

January 2000


Kevin A. Park

Interactive maps of foreclosures and related housing and mortgage data for all 100 North Carolina counties from 2000 to 2013.

UNC Center for Community Capital research assistant Kevin A. Park created and maintains a portfolio of interactive maps displaying housing and mortgage lending data by North Carolina county and local areas.

Foreclosure records are typically a matter of public record, but are scattered in county courthouses across the country. Repackaging this public information for easy access has become a profitable business model for some private companies but the general lack of public access to comprehensive foreclosure statistics has hindered efforts to fight the housing crisis.

North Carolina is unique in that its Administrative Office of the Courts provides monthly tabulations of foreclosure filings by county. There are also variety of other housing and mortgage related data publicly available but contained in large databases too unwieldy for many to use.

This website is designed to provide access to these figures and more as they relate to the counties and metropolitan areas in North Carolina.

Topics(s): Affordable Homeownership, Default, Bankruptcy, & Foreclosure, Mortgage Finance