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Publication Date

November 2017


Roberto G. Quercia and Sarah F. Riley


Ford Foundation

The Center for Community Capital is thrilled to announce the launch of a de-identified, public-use version of the Community Advantage Panel Survey (CAPS).

The panel survey comprises 11 years of panel survey data provided by approximately 5,000 low- and moderate–income homeowners and renters during the period of 2003-2014. The UNC Center for Community Capital has overseen CAPS data collection with generous funding from the Ford Foundation and currently serves as the CAPS data custodian.

The center has conducted a variety of research using the CAPS data. This paper first provides a brief overview of some research topics that have been considered by the center to illustrate the types of research projects for which the CAPS data may be of interest. Next, it discusses the general structure of the CAPS data sets and documentation, followed by sample characteristics. This paper concludes with instructions for how to access the data and get technical support as needed.

Topics(s): Affordable Homeownership, Community Advantage Program, Impacts of Homeownership, Mortgage Finance, Other, Research Design