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The Preventable Foreclosure Crisis

January 1, 2008

As of this writing, some 5 million households are in default or some stage of foreclosure and the U.S. financial system, once the envy of the world, seems to be falling apart. Center researchers examine what went wrong.

Assessing the Impact of North Carolina’s Predatory Lending Law

January 1, 2004

North Carolina’s Predatory Lending Law is doing what it was intended to do: eliminate abusive loans without restricting the supply of subprime mortgage capital for borrowers with blemished credit records. This article examines changes in subprime mortgage originations before and … Continued

North Carolina Foreclosure Data

January 1, 2000

Interactive maps of foreclosures and related housing and mortgage data for all 100 North Carolina counties from 2000 to 2013. UNC Center for Community Capital research assistant Kevin A. Park created and maintains a portfolio of interactive maps displaying housing … Continued