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Increasing Access to Capital

January 1, 2009

Researchers examine whether better measurement of social and environmental outcomes entice more institutional
investment capital into underserved communities.

Who’s Counting? Measuring Social Outcomes from Targeted Private Equity

June 1, 2007

Janneke Ratcliffe examines early indications that certain private equity investments may result in substantial benefits in the way of economic development by capitalizing underserved but promising businesses. At the same time, they highlight the need for more consistency and rigor in measuring the social outcomes of such investment.

Private Equity/Public Returns: A Case Study

June 30, 2006

Center researchers document the social outcomes of Banc of America’s Capital Access Funds, which channel private equity to under-served markets. Banc of America Capital Access Funds (BACAF) is a fund of funds channeling private equity capital to underserved markets. BACAF … Read more

The Fall and Rise of Public Housing

June 1, 2002

With some innovative changes, public housing is making a comeback. If new spending is a reasonable measure of the country’s priorities, then few areas of domestic national policy have experienced as dramatic a decline in favor over the past 25 … Read more

Business-First Economic Development Benefits the Inner City: A Partnership of the Eaton Corporation Navy Controls Division and The Northwest Side Community Development Corporation

August 1, 2001

A case study describes how significant engagement with community organizations and public officials helps a major employer in a declining industry remain competitive and a low-income minority neighborhood build a competitive workforce and prosper. The partnership between Eaton Corporation’s Navy … Read more