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MAGIC Mojo: Leveraging Impulsivity to Encourage Saving

July 20, 2015

Nearly all consumers make occasional impulse purchases and, generally speaking, enjoy doing so. While saving money may also be enjoyable, that enjoyment may be delayed, often far into the future, when savings are needed or used. Developers of a pilot … Continued

Impulse Savings: Evaluating the Impacts of MAGIC Mojo

July 1, 2015

Center researchers evaluate an innovative pilot savings program, MAGIC Mojo, a prepaid, celebrity-endorsed MasterCard combined with a savings feature, and find it effectively encourages low-income consumers to save.

Building Emergency Savings Through "Impulse Saving"

March 17, 2015

Center senior project manager Jessica Dorrance joins other experts contributing chapters to a new book published by the Center for Financial Security that examines strategies to promote emergency savings, especially among underserved households.